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Heidi and I Always Invite Ourselves Over to Howard’s Place for Dinner

I am so excited going into the live shows. We’ve got 47 absolutely amazing acts, from the singers to the magicians to the danger acts, which I’m particularly looking forward to. It’s going to be one hell of a live show, that’s for sure.

The eliminations are horrible because the people we put through are so talented, so it’s hard to split everyone up. I wish we could have just put everyone through and be done with it, but that’s not how it works.

I loved Miguel Dakota. He’s going to be absolutely amazing, and he’s very humble—people really do like him. In the singing department, we got really good singers, like the young girl with the glasses who’s got a really soulful voice. Then there was Paul Ieti, the singer who was in the military. He has a really soulful voice too.

Watch Miguel Dakota’s performance:

But I think what’s going to be interesting is to see how the two salsa dancers, John and Andrew, go down with the audience because they’ve been a hit after hit after hit. It’ll be nice to see exactly what America thinks of them.

I’m really glad Juan Carlos got through. He is such a character and it’s not just about being talented; it’s about the whole entire package. He owns the fact that he’s a rollerblader! He’s not that talented but his personality is massive. You can’t help but fall in love with him a little bit.

The Willis Clan are a force to be reckoned with because they can really harmonize, and even the song they auditioned with, they did in their own way, which is always a good thing. They made it sound a little bit more country.

And let’s not forget about the comedians. I love Wendy Liebman, the stay-at-home mom who’s getting her mojo back by getting herself back out there and giving it a go. She was actually really funny, with a kind of dry sense of humor.

When we’re in New York doing the live shows, we always invite ourselves over to Howard’s place for dinner. He gets his chef in, and we then we all run around his house and jump on his bed and act like idiots, and we have some nice lovely wine. It’s literally me and Heidi inviting ourselves over, and then we bring Howie with us. It’s funny.

I can’t wait for the live shows. I’m just figuring out what I’m going to wear, since it’s all live next week. I’ve got to pull out all the stops!

Source: PARADE

What Do the America’s Got Talent Judges Do During the Commercials?

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“We take a quick break, or we’ll get on our phones or take pictures with each other,” says returning judge Mel B. “Usually we have lots of friends and family in the audience, so we’ll let them come up and press the red buzzer.”

Take a look at the gallery here!

My Blog in PARADE

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What another great week! Frank the singer was incredible, absolutely incredible.

I’ll tell you who else is really cool, which is one for the girls: the young boy who lives with his mom. He loves his mom, he can cook, and he had a little beanie hat and checkered shirt. He was great too.

Then there was that woman that did the whole storyline from that swing hanging in the air with the animation behind it. She was pretty incredible too, quite mesmerizing.

Now, for the Rock Hard Revue all-male dance crew: I don’t know why Howie decided to take off his shirt, but actually looked really good to be able to fit with everyone. It looked like he was already part of the group! I loved that.

There was also that sweet kid who threw the knives and split the celery in half on Nick’s face. I love when Nick has to be involved and he can’t say no. It’s kind of funny to me.

This year, people have really stepped up their game. Contestants have really set the bar high this season and they’re really incorporating a lot of different acts. They are not just doing one thing; they’re almost multitasking on stage and their presentation gets better and better.

I can’t wait for the live shows. I literally can’t wait and get on there and revisit all the acts that we put through. That makes your heart pound and makes it exciting for all of us!

I really think it’s anybody’s game this year. It could be a kid or a family or an unusual aerial act because I think the more out of the box it is, the better. At the end of the day, it’s America’s Got Talent and it is the only long-lasting variety show worth watching. So it all depends on those live shows if they can step up. Nerves get to a lot of people at Radio City Music Hall.

The number one thing I’ve learned as a judge on America’s Got Talent is, don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s really hard to do if an act comes on and you roll your eyes because of what they’re wearing, or how the interviewing is going. But as soon as their 90-minute act starts, you could be completely surprised. So the old saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ is exactly what I try not to do.

Source: PARADE.

My Crazy Month!

// October 11th, 2013 // 19 Comments » // Blog

September was a crazy month! It started on the 12th when I shot my music video for “For Once in My Life” on the “Desperate Housewives” set! What should of taken us three days to shoot, only took 9 HOURS! That includes all hair, make-up, and costume changes. The video is four long continuous takes.

During those nine hours for my lunch break, I popped by The Ellen Show!

Since then, it’s been a roller coaster I’ve done everything on my own. I don’t have a label or management team. Usually when you’re releasing a new song, you do 6-8 weeks of promotion. I did it backwards. I released the song first then I did the promotion. I wanted people to hear the song first. Now, I’m going out and promoting from San Diego to Las Vegas then Australia.

Oct 16 – LA
Oct 17 – San Diego
Oct 18 – Las Vegas
Oct 19 – Las Vegas
Oct 21 – Salt Lake City and Boise, ID
Oct 22 – Portland
Oct 23 – Seattle
Oct 24 – San Francisco
Oct 25 – Sacramento and West Hollywood
Oct 26 – Nov 3rd – Australia

I’m so excited to be back in Australia for my Halloween Extravaganza! I haven’t been back to Australia since January so I can’t wait to promote the single. I have gotten a really great response from over there!

Nobody tells me to do this. I am my own boss. Between me, my husband, and the main person that runs my company, Melissa, we pulled off the impossible. We got a song mastered, on iTunes, shot a music video directed by Martin Weisz all in one month!

Here’s to October!

“For Once In My Life” on iTunes:
Video on YouTube:

Postcard Giveaway

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I want to send out a few postcards to my fans today! All you need to do is tweet me why I should send you a postcard with the hashtag #MelBPostcard. I’ll pick THREE winners at to receive an exclusive postcard from me! Winners will be announce on my Twitter.

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My good friend Dr. Charles Sophy sent over a link to watch his segment on Dr. Phil! Wanted to post a little shout out to him, and let you all know about his work.

Watch the show here:

Dr. Sophy HOUSE CALL on “Dr Phil” from Holli Walker on Vimeo.

And follow him on Twitter and Facebook if you like what you see!

Updates from The Tonight Show and the rest of my crazy week!

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Late Thursday night, we finished off filming the Vegas boot camp for America’s Got Talent. So, we now decided from 106 people to 55 people, the last lot that will be going through to the live shows at the end of July.

We landed around 10 back in LA. Me, Howie, Heidi, and my husband on the NBC jet.

We had a big barbecue on Friday for my other friend’s birthday. My husband cooked up a storm for everyone.

My friend Lindsay Luv DJ’d through the night. As you can see, the BBQ started off pretty calm, and then got wild – girls in the pool in my bikinis!

Grandma was in town, so after the BBQ party, we had a bit of a lazy weekend as a family, just hanging out by the pool and relaxing.

Stephen’s mom looking after the kids and keeping everything in check and in order.
This week is a super important week. Not only does Phoenix graduate from her school on Thursday, I did Jay Leno, and I also booked my first Lifetime movie that I’m shooting in Toronto next week. So it’s going to be a pretty crazy but really exciting few days.

  Girly time.. Mother/Daughter bonding time before graduation!! Go Phoenix!

Getting my braid done before the show, and meeting Jay Leno.


So kind – he brought me a lovely flower.


My dressing room at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Loved this dress (Zac Posen) and shoes (Louboutin)

And it doesn’t get much better than this braid!


I got to catch up with Ricky Minor, who I last met 16 years ago with the Spice Girls on SNL!


We wrapped the show up, and it was tequila time!!

Then to top it off, the weathers been ah-mazing here in LA and I’ve got to hang out with Grandma & my kids and just be mom, which is always lovely.

Catching up with my girls… My fellow band-mate Geri Halliwell also started in Australia on Australia’s Got Talent. Mel C. is also in Australia performing Jesus Christ Superstar. So between the three of us we’ve had a bit of a performing roller coaster ride which is good to kind of be in sync. My other two lovely girls are living it up in London, where it’s not as sunny as LA or Australia.

Maddie now says I love you, which is gorgeous. I get woken up with that. “Mommy, Daddy, I love you.” So that has been lovely to come home to.

To top off the week: My husband bought me my second gorgeous Chanel bag. Love this and I love my husband!

Got to watch America’s Got Talent with Grandma, Phoenix, and some of my girlfriends last night too!

It’s been a fabulous week!



My Trip to Cannes and London

// May 28th, 2013 // 10 Comments » // Blog, Mel's Fashion

On an 11 hour flight to Cannes thinking: This is gonna be a crazy week! I know I’ve got a lot to do, but most importantly I just wanna have fun with my lovely husband and go nuts!

Finally we landed! Here we are in Cannes and ready to take on the madness!

On board the yacht we’re staying on. This is how we roll.

My husband decided to take a dip in the pool on board…naked. What?!

Why would I take the stairs when there’s an elevator on board this biatch?!

There’s no time to spare! Off to our first event for Cinémoi – dressed in a green Basil Soda gown.

The event was hosted by Natalia Vodianova – very sweet girl.
Had such a cool evening – I even went up and did an impromptu speech, as my husband and are invested in this amazing network. Check it out on DirecTV – ch. 259!

Question – why is my husband trying to pose like a supermodel?

Also ran into my good friend & fab designer Julien MacDonald. It was soooo nice to catch up with him! I actually did his fashion show 13 years ago when my 1st baby Phoenix was nearly just 1 year old…insane!
Good times me and Kate Moss parties up a storm that night! Wink wink nudge nudge

And in the meantime, look what’s happening back at home. My two little cheeky monkeys are dressed alike lounging around on my bedroom floor.
They better not be getting into my shoe closet!

We had no kids to go home to, and no early wakeup call, so we went straight for dinner back on the boat for a late night feast

The food was incredible, and the company was very funny. Me and my husband kept our sea legs intact

Partied til at 5am Scary Spice style – This is the view from my hotel window, lovin’ it!!!

The next day… Getting makeup ready for the AmfAR event with the lovely Kira

Yes I did use all this makeup – so what?

While we got ready, Hubby went on a walkabout… He found his friends at last!

We spent that evening at the AmfAR charity gala. Love this dress! Basil Soda is the designer here as well!
We partied at Hotel Du Cap for AmfAR with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Angela Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, and gorgeous models Eva Herzigova, Heidi Klum, and Karolina Kurkova.

Posing with Alessandra Ambrosio!  Yet again, why is my husband doing the supermodel pout?

…Then it was off to the airport!

Who says you can’t be chic at the airport? It’s only an hour flight! Get your heels on and get your boobs out, ladies! London, here we come!
Back on a plane to London. If it’s raining, I’m turning back!

Had a great time with the cast of Viva Forever. So sad it’s ending. A lot of heart and soul went into it. And the doom and gloom of British press didn’t help! Fingers crossed it won’t be gone forever!!! If you haven’t seen it, go and see it before June 29th – that’s the last day!

Having only spent a few hours in London, we had to stop off at my favorite sushi place in London, Nobu, just to round off the trip.  I think I officially have alcohol poisoning!

Just a week to go til the America’s Got Talent premiere! And tomorrow it’s my birthday! 21 again!!! Yippee!

Love and peace,
Mel B xxx

What’s been going on in my life for the past couple of weeks…

// May 17th, 2013 // 10 Comments » // Articles, Blog

Just had Indian food, KFC, In-and-out burger, and Chicken and Waffles all in one sitting! Needless to say, I look like this now…

Aside from that, this what’s been going on in my life for the past couple of weeks!

  • Finished off taping the auditions for America’s Got Talent. Saw some CRAZY people and some incredibly talented people.
  • Mommy juggling….work, life, and everything.
  • Decided to clear out the children’s playroom. To my horror, found an old bit of sausage. WTF
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • New projects. Will tell you when something is ACTUALLY happening….
  • Decided to get a fish. Angel named it Sparky. At least I think it’s called Sparky. The name changes on a daily basis.
  • #HowToCleanAFishTankWithOnePerson = Impossible
  • Husband decided to decorate our home with beautiful plants, orchids, and flowers. Hmmm…. shouldn’t that be MY job?
  • Had an amazing Mother’s Day. Got showered with lots of handmade gifts. Very sweet, but no diamonds in sight this year.
  • Madison’s new word begins with an F. Don’t know where she gets that from…

Lots lots and lots going on! I’m going to start updating this blog more often so make sure to keep checking back!

Press as usual writing BS about Spice Girls. As usual, us girls know what’s gonna happen, so they just need to shut up. Heading to Cannes #Cinemoi and UK to see my Spices, yippeee!

Mel xxx

Press: Mel B To Present GLAAD Media Award

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International pop icon Mel B (Melanie Brown) of America’s Got Talent and the Spice Girls will appear at the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco on May 11, to present Adam Lambert with the Davidson/Valentini award for his efforts to promote LGBT equality as an out performer.

Said Mel B, “I’m a huge fan of those who open doors for social change and equality, and that’s why I’m so honored and thrilled to present the GLAAD Media Award to the brilliant, talented, and very deserving, Adam Lambert! His fearlessness is an inspiration.”

Read More…