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// October 10th, 2013 // Blog

I want to send out a few postcards to my fans today! All you need to do is tweet me why I should send you a postcard with the hashtag #MelBPostcard. I’ll pick THREE winners at to receive an exclusive postcard from me! Winners will be announce on my Twitter.

28 Responses to “Postcard Giveaway”

  1. Kristie Artola says:

    How about a Christmas one? Thank you!

  2. Pedro Cadavez says:

    I should be among the winners of the postcard not only because I love snail-mail (writing letters is so therapeutic we should be more compelled to do so) but also because I spent my whole childhood and adolescence listening to you (in the Spice Girls) and I’ve never been able to see you live, or even meet&greet you. Plus, I would definitely reply with a lovely postcard from Porto, Portugal.

  3. Erik Abbott says:

    I would love to receive a postcard from you . I think it would be OFF THE CHAIN… wife and my daughter love everything you do your fashion and music and your show . Wishing we can get a card the

  4. lesli says:

    id love a postcard Mel

  5. wendy says:

    I would love to get a postcard from you mel because 1996 was the year that started me as a fan of you and the spice girls through my neice even if i was in the 20′s.still to this day a big fan and waiting on you and the girls to come bake together(new music and Tour).#hoping

  6. Pedro Duarte says:

    I should be one of the lucky nutters to get a postcard because from Leeds, to the world stages, from L.A. State Of Mind to Dancing With The Stars and Getting Fit with you to X-Factor and America`s Got Talent, I have been a loyal fan, following your entire career since my teenage years and I will continue to do so because your talent, joy for life and laughter gets me everytime. For once in my life I hope I can earn something really special from you ( talk about catching a fire XD ) and this postcard would make my dream come true.
    With lots of love, PedroXXX ( Portugal )

  7. Fabiano says:

    Simplismente amo muito tudo o que você faz. Bjus! #MelBPostcard

  8. Jordyn Carnes says:

    I should receive a postcard from you because I’m your biggest fan.(even though you ear that a lot) but your my biggest idol I love when you are in tv because I watch everything your in. I love all your songs and I would love to get something from you! If u don’t pick me I’ll understand:) #MelBPostcard

  9. Jordyn Carnes says:

    Also you give me a lot of inspiration to pursue what you love and I am so grateful for that!

  10. jona says:

    i love you forever mel.

  11. Kylie Bowden says:

    Yes please I should get one because am your fan I loved you on the X factor and I miss you not being on there and j talk about all the time to my family and last but I turn 18 in a couple off day and to get a lost card from you around my birthday would be amanzing il be so happy on every year on my birthday and Mel b your the most beautiful person on this earth .

  12. amanda says:

    I want one por favor……

  13. mehmet says:

    I Love Melanie… Forever…

  14. Tamara Davis says:

    I think your the Best Mom Role Model out there and your
    The most talented , beautiful woman in show business. Your
    My Hero and love that your on AGT.

  15. Meghan says:

    You should sent me 1 because I twitter you my answer and I wote it here too and I think it be cool if you sent me some mail just because :) plus. I been you fan since I was 16 and that a long long time I been so. Plus I would alway love mail from Mel b :)

  16. Geneviève says:

    Just look at m’y email and you ok see i m à réal fan and Aldo coz i have tattooed 15 years ago girl power on my back and still proud of it 5 years ago at à show you took the flowers i bought you and make more of my day and i want to live that Again but with pour poscard xxx love

  17. Niki Anderson says:

    I would love to get a postcard from you. I’m a big spice girls fan, and I still keep an eye on all five of you. In ’96 i was 9 years old and i bought everything i could (newspapers, CDs, candies, deodorant, posters). I have a big collection. Than in 2007 I was able to go to your concert in koln, Germany which was the most amazing thing ever. I have a 5 month old baby now so a post card from you would spice up my life a lot!!!! :)

  18. Anca Misiuc says:

    A card from you will be on top on my postcards collection. I will always be a Spice Girls fan full of Girl Power! I appreciate very much the music & message you’ ve enjoyed us with and had many posters with you in my room! I miss you all! A postcard from a Spice Girls member will be such a joy…thank you! Hugs & Kisses from Romania!

  19. Sarah says:

    I have been a fan since the Spice Girl’s days!!!! I was and am still completely dedicated to the music, messages, and I follow you just to keep up!!! I have all of your dolls, stickers that came in gum, the magazines, Spiceworld is still memorized many years later, the sound stage, and all kinds of other goodies….i would love nothing more than to receive a post card from you!!!!

    • Sarah says:

      I forgot to add that I saw you in concert when you were in Indianapolis, Indiana and I was 12 rows from the stage….

  20. Terry Brown says:

    Hi Mel would love a post card because I have been supporting you here in Australia and promoting your latest Single out of Love and charity.

  21. spirit says:

    I would love to win an exclusive postcard because I collect them. I put them on my wall and admire them. Each one is put in a special place and I left one space in the middle for one and if I could win this. You would be that special spot right in the middle:) it would mean So much to me

  22. christian says:

    je suis christian de france bravo pour ton ssingle for once in my life gros bisous christian de france du nord ont attend le retour des spice girls ok??

  23. christian says:

    bravo melanie tu chante bien en live jai entendu

  24. chére melanie cest christian de france ton fan je sais que tu veux reformer les spice girls mais ont cest tous que cest victoria qui veus pas sa reformer j’en suis désoler car tu a trés envi ..demande lui en face a victoria si elle veus bien ou pas car nous sa nous manque de ne plus vous voir a 5 cest a cause de victoria mais que faire???je taime chris

  25. keahra says:

    I think I should win because I love everything you do its OFF THE CHAIN and I know the lyrics to all of your songs.
    #MelB Postcard

  26. CHRISTIAN says:

    hello mel cest christian de france je pense a toi reviens vite avec un nouveau single stp for once in my life cest super génial surtout quand tu le chante en live bonjour a stephen et phoenix et angel bisous mel girl power

  27. jenny says:

    hi,really admire your u,keep it up

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