Updates from The Tonight Show and the rest of my crazy week!

// June 13th, 2013 // Blog

Late Thursday night, we finished off filming the Vegas boot camp for America’s Got Talent. So, we now decided from 106 people to 55 people, the last lot that will be going through to the live shows at the end of July.

We landed around 10 back in LA. Me, Howie, Heidi, and my husband on the NBC jet.

We had a big barbecue on Friday for my other friend’s birthday. My husband cooked up a storm for everyone.

My friend Lindsay Luv DJ’d through the night. As you can see, the BBQ started off pretty calm, and then got wild – girls in the pool in my bikinis!

Grandma was in town, so after the BBQ party, we had a bit of a lazy weekend as a family, just hanging out by the pool and relaxing.

Stephen’s mom looking after the kids and keeping everything in check and in order.
This week is a super important week. Not only does Phoenix graduate from her school on Thursday, I did Jay Leno, and I also booked my first Lifetime movie that I’m shooting in Toronto next week. So it’s going to be a pretty crazy but really exciting few days.

  Girly time.. Mother/Daughter bonding time before graduation!! Go Phoenix!

Getting my braid done before the show, and meeting Jay Leno.


So kind – he brought me a lovely flower.


My dressing room at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Loved this dress (Zac Posen) and shoes (Louboutin)

And it doesn’t get much better than this braid!


I got to catch up with Ricky Minor, who I last met 16 years ago with the Spice Girls on SNL!


We wrapped the show up, and it was tequila time!!

Then to top it off, the weathers been ah-mazing here in LA and I’ve got to hang out with Grandma & my kids and just be mom, which is always lovely.

Catching up with my girls… My fellow band-mate Geri Halliwell also started in Australia on Australia’s Got Talent. Mel C. is also in Australia performing Jesus Christ Superstar. So between the three of us we’ve had a bit of a performing roller coaster ride which is good to kind of be in sync. My other two lovely girls are living it up in London, where it’s not as sunny as LA or Australia.

Maddie now says I love you, which is gorgeous. I get woken up with that. “Mommy, Daddy, I love you.” So that has been lovely to come home to.

To top off the week: My husband bought me my second gorgeous Chanel bag. Love this and I love my husband!

Got to watch America’s Got Talent with Grandma, Phoenix, and some of my girlfriends last night too!

It’s been a fabulous week!



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  1. Caryle Walit says:

    Hello Mel, How can I surprise my 18 year old daughter to meet you. She is the Spice Girls BIGGEST FAN. No joke. Her room is covered with Spice Girls pictures and posters.Her only dream is meet you and the other girls. Since the age of three she knows word by word Spice World. Is there any possible way to surprise her on your terms to meet you? Please!!!!!! Maybe even tickets to America’s Got Talent when available.

    Thank You!!!!

    Caryle Walit
    LA CA.

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