My Trip to Cannes and London

// May 28th, 2013 // Blog, Mel's Fashion

On an 11 hour flight to Cannes thinking: This is gonna be a crazy week! I know I’ve got a lot to do, but most importantly I just wanna have fun with my lovely husband and go nuts!

Finally we landed! Here we are in Cannes and ready to take on the madness!

On board the yacht we’re staying on. This is how we roll.

My husband decided to take a dip in the pool on board…naked. What?!

Why would I take the stairs when there’s an elevator on board this biatch?!

There’s no time to spare! Off to our first event for Cinémoi – dressed in a green Basil Soda gown.

The event was hosted by Natalia Vodianova – very sweet girl.
Had such a cool evening – I even went up and did an impromptu speech, as my husband and are invested in this amazing network. Check it out on DirecTV – ch. 259!

Question – why is my husband trying to pose like a supermodel?

Also ran into my good friend & fab designer Julien MacDonald. It was soooo nice to catch up with him! I actually did his fashion show 13 years ago when my 1st baby Phoenix was nearly just 1 year old…insane!
Good times me and Kate Moss parties up a storm that night! Wink wink nudge nudge

And in the meantime, look what’s happening back at home. My two little cheeky monkeys are dressed alike lounging around on my bedroom floor.
They better not be getting into my shoe closet!

We had no kids to go home to, and no early wakeup call, so we went straight for dinner back on the boat for a late night feast

The food was incredible, and the company was very funny. Me and my husband kept our sea legs intact

Partied til at 5am Scary Spice style – This is the view from my hotel window, lovin’ it!!!

The next day… Getting makeup ready for the AmfAR event with the lovely Kira

Yes I did use all this makeup – so what?

While we got ready, Hubby went on a walkabout… He found his friends at last!

We spent that evening at the AmfAR charity gala. Love this dress! Basil Soda is the designer here as well!
We partied at Hotel Du Cap for AmfAR with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Angela Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, and gorgeous models Eva Herzigova, Heidi Klum, and Karolina Kurkova.

Posing with Alessandra Ambrosio!  Yet again, why is my husband doing the supermodel pout?

…Then it was off to the airport!

Who says you can’t be chic at the airport? It’s only an hour flight! Get your heels on and get your boobs out, ladies! London, here we come!
Back on a plane to London. If it’s raining, I’m turning back!

Had a great time with the cast of Viva Forever. So sad it’s ending. A lot of heart and soul went into it. And the doom and gloom of British press didn’t help! Fingers crossed it won’t be gone forever!!! If you haven’t seen it, go and see it before June 29th – that’s the last day!

Having only spent a few hours in London, we had to stop off at my favorite sushi place in London, Nobu, just to round off the trip.  I think I officially have alcohol poisoning!

Just a week to go til the America’s Got Talent premiere! And tomorrow it’s my birthday! 21 again!!! Yippee!

Love and peace,
Mel B xxx

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Great up date Mel! Happy Birthday and always be 21 again!

  2. You ain’t basic biatch!! Seriously, you are one of my fav persons ever!!! Sooo much energy and positivity surrounds you xxx lovely!

  3. Alex says:

    Happy B*Day. Love you loads.

  4. Phill says:

    Lovely pictures :) Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Nicolás C says:


  6. Sam Stefani says:


    I love u so much!!

    Please have a look at my website; it’s a lifetime of work devoted to u and the girls!

    My life would b completed if u come to c it in person or even just comment!!

    Love always,

    Sam xxx

  7. jonathan says:

    Mel thanks for giving us the opportunity to go into your privacy through those beautiful pictures and I wish you a happy birthday, you still rock!!!

  8. Diyendo says:

    This is awesome Mel, you’re so lovely and beautiful, I love you! lot of luv and Happy Birthday <3

  9. Risezette says:

    Just was visiting your website and like the new updates. Just in case you didn’t get the message happy birthday again, also I follow you on twitter and tweeted you.

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